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25 Oct 2009


               As I was walking through the fields
               with each new day the same,
               a Romany behind a tree
               was calling out my name.

               "So you're the Queen of staves" she said
                "I 'm so glad we have met-
                The Julia Seizer of his heart,
                 the one he can't forget".

               "The man I see is black as knight
                he haunts you in your dreams,
                and with the moon card shining bright
                all's not quite as it seems".

               I felt that she had rumbled me,
               and as I hit the floor,
                she beckoned to me once again
              and made me hear some more.

              She then upturned another card
              and looked me in the eyes.
              "I see the ten of cups my dear,
               the tarot never lies.

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