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27 Sep 2011


THE HOTHOUSE KID.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkwjECcO1PY

23 Sep 2011


You're daddys' big extention.
He'll love you when you're grown.
But knowledge is a dangerous thing
when your mind is not your own.

But this he never told you
when forcefed like a foie gras goose
and brainwashed like a soldier.

Pretentious and precocious,
peace of mind is just a dream.
Academic swagger
fills the family cash machine.

A plastic wife and palace,
with no one else above you.
A life of carrot-chasing
and he never said he loved you.

No longer climbing ladders
like you did when you were young,
your bonsaied brain a child again
and daddy got it wrong.
Thank you for The Perfect Poet Award.

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