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15 Dec 2009


It's lunchtime in the nursing home.
"Not enough salt",you say.
"They never put enough salt on."
Suspended in twilight,neither dead nor alive,
frozen in a time that isn't mine.
"You're not my daughter",you say.

We sit on the promenade watching giant ships.
"My father works on the Mersey",you say.
"...skipper of a survey launch,out in all weathers.
You're not my daughter."

You slip a tiny hand in mine,
like a small child about to cross the road.
I am your mother for now.
Yet I'll always be
who you say I'm not.


A Les Paul spinning for the crowds
to rapturous applause.
Twisted and curled in the music world
Ignoring marital laws.

The groupies love your image
and clamour for a sign.
The camera lens may shoot your friends
but they'll never capture mine.


Fired pellets rattled the fence.
A bloodied rat,like some disorientated soldier stumbling in mud,
sniffed the air
and crawled beneath the rain-drenched hollyhocks.
Next door,the neighbour whooped for joy
like Goldings' Jack,
and waited for the little soldier to be still.


They took my T.V out today.
Cut me from the virtual world
and left me entangled in disconnected phone wires.
"You can have any colour you want,
as long as it's black",said Ford.
No sight,no sound
no food,no money
no feeling, no point.
No wonder.

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