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21 Nov 2010


Sheltering from the rain,
boffins in halfmoon glasses
sniff musky tomes in secret.
Retired fingers search for life
amongst the faded pages of obscurity.
Tight lipped librarian
squeaks across the polished floor
and glares at him who dares to cough.


Tinsel dangling from her wrist,
she's screaming.
Tears of joy run down her face,
she's dreaming.
Holding tight a teddy bear
she's prancing.
Slams the lid of the musical box
to stop the girl from dancing.


Crouched against your garden wall
wondering if you know at all.
Soaked hair plastered to my head,
and you were fast asleep in bed.

Frozen fingers,chattering teeth,
you above and me beneath.
I dream that you could feel the same.
You do not even know my name.

Tomorrow night I'll  strike again
to haunt you in the pouring rain.
The wind has turned my fingers blue.
My only thought to be with you.

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