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Wrote lyrics"Julias' Song"(OMD).Currently seeking lucrative creative writing projects.On Twitter as Tiggythepiggy.

12 Sep 2012

Moods,Memories And Other Manoeuvres

Andy McCluskey from OMD,has just okayed the usage of a photograph ,and the title of the book I am currently writing.Watch this space!

26 Jun 2012

THE HOTHOUSE KID,DEMENTIA,and BY HIS OWN HAND,are no longer available on the link s below.They can be accessed via Goggle at Julia Kneale on You Tube.These poems have been set to music and narrated by Rich Szerman.

25 Jun 2012


It's only that I got there first
and wrote it down.
(The words you might have written
if you'd had the time).
I may have hit the spot,
so now you say
it's a work of genius
penned by me.
No more than your own discarded thoughts
and shameful feelings.
Alive and public on a page.
My blame or glory in your hands.


I was born in The Year of The Rat.
Feared for being devious and too bright.
Used in labs for your own good.
Always on the outside looking in.
Only just a foot away.
And don't you know it.


          With your passion for books,
           Intensely deep looks,
           Heart open wide
           and was God on your side
           when you went for a drive in the rain?
           I will never forget the days
           we sent up Shakespeare plays.
           Oh how we laughed til we cried.
           And I still can't believe you have died.

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