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19 Aug 2010


"Too much clutter", they've always said,
"Is a certain sign of a muddled head".
I'd rather hear the pendulum of my deco clock
that steadily trots like hooves, not stop.

They laugh and think that all's not well,
yet Aunty Gertys' sideboard has a tale to tell.
Lit up and polished every Christmas since the war-
its' very fabric bursting with what went before.

As if inside some 70s acid trip,
I visualise that sideboard in a skip
when I'm not there preserving family memories as they should.
So out will go my sentimental world for good.

They minimalise and throw away because they can.
But listen to me when I say
that objects can speak louder than the average man.


From an early age I could speak to horses.
No fear at all of flailing hooves or overwhelming size.
The heady scent of musk can hypnotise,
and like osmosis,fuse our minds as one.
I am you and you are me.
I learn from you the here and now
and how to disentangle from my dreaming.


Remember that  time when you stepped off the world and into the sea?
The seals were calling as you made your way across the waves
and all the gulls could say was"Foolish boy".
I clutched your jacket, wet with tears,
and watched until you disappeared in your new lifes' mouth.
I wonder what you're doing today.
Remember that time when  you stepped off the world and into the sea?
Remember me?

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