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26 May 2010


                         My world is grey with no sunlight.
                         Birds of a feather sing atonal.
                         Genius is my first name,
                         Madness,my last.
                         Call me and I'll run away
                         to my own world
                         where animals are human
                         and people don't see me.
                         I hear myself talking
                         but it's  not me.
                         There are,you say,
                         no grey areas
                         in your land of black and white,
                         where animals are just animals
                         and people watch your every move.
                         Lonely lyrics to the air.
                         No one hears you,no one's there.
                         Thank you for your enquiry.
                         Please try again later.

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  1. Julia, I came over from Laura Eno's blog. This poem is truly beautiful. Wow. Look forward to reading more of your writing. Will wander through more now.


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