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26 May 2010


                            It was the 30th,
                            and on our way to bed
                            you collapsed on the stairs.
                            All night long we sat up together.
                            Panting faster and faster,you refused to sleep.
                            On guard and faithful to the end,
                            My blonde black doggy friend
                            who understood my tellings of the times we'd shared
                            and how much I loved you.
                            A sigh was heaved as the sun came up.
                            Then you were gone.
                             So on New Years' Eve I lay alone with a picture of you.
                             Thank God you missed the fireworks.


  1. This touched a chord...
    Poignant and sad.
    Why do our furry friends have to leave us so soon.
    On a happier note I am an artist/antique dealer, born in London, and now living in France; please pass by my blog if yoy have a quiet moment.
    Good luck with your writing, I appreciate your style. Linda.

  2. That is really sad, but such a heartfelt tribute.

  3. Aww poor doggie but I get the fireworks reference. Thanks for the follow hon.

  4. What a beautifully sad story. It describes exactly what my 13 year old four legged friend and I did on his last night. It's sad, but it's also a gift to share such love.

    Thank you for this, it brought tears to my eyes.

  5. They do do that though don't they though? My beautiful girl, Purdey, who, I thought, had looked maybe a little portly and ungainly at our/her mum's separation (divorce) passed on six weeks later having succumbed to breast cancer. Yes - a dog. And loneliness, I like to believe. As my children told me, I broke down. Nothing had ever prepared them for this. They'd never seen their Dad like this. And never will again. I understand, Julia.

  6. Anonymous26.6.10

    love the blog!


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