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19 Apr 2010


                 If karma allows
                 I will come back a snail.
                 A wandering gypsy
                 with silvery trail.
                No overheads, and always at home
                with nobodys' deadlines but my own.
                If someone taps my shell and swallows me, then
                be it a Thrush,so I can sing again.



  1. monketstreehouse19.4.10

    what a delicious thought

  2. Nice use of image and metaphor. Bravo!

  3. a wandering gypsy always at home - what
    a wonderful state of mind.

  4. The most beautiful things come in small packages--such as this poem of yours Julia K!

    Glad to meet you here!

  5. A wandering gypsy
    with silvery trail.
    No overheads, and always at home---LOVE this!

  6. A fellow blogmaster named Owen sent me over here to read your lovely snail poem. I, being a mollusk myself, am delighted by this, and I read it over and over again. I shall follow this silvery blog trail! Come on over to Slug's Rest for a visit for more slug trail tales!
    Love, Mrs. Slug

  7. I believe in re-incarnation exactly how that might happen.
    Enjoyed that Julia. Would that all our endings be so fortuitous x

    Pammy x

  8. I love the imagry of wandering gypsy with silvery trail. You're much better at poetry than I. I would ask you to look at my post but I would hate for you to go to that extra effort just to cringe. Have a great mid-week, Roland

  9. Loved this!!!!!! I'm a gypsy at heart and know this feeling all too well. I love your writing!


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