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20 Mar 2010


           The overloaded world exploded in my face
            and little parts of me were scattered over the years.
           So many things to so many people.
           Like pigeon wings the audience clapped
           to see me glitter like the other stars,
           and like Guy Fawkes
           we lost the plot.


  1. TiggythePiggy! Just spotted you have a blog - and you're a poet!!! who knew? I should have guessed such a fine wordsmith like you would be writing fine poems somewhere. (Hashes to Hashes indeed!)

  2. I very much like the imagery of the overloaded world exploding in ones face. I often feel that way...like the world in all its complexity and myriad demands has a way of scattering the best elements of one's life, when you'd prefer to keep them all in one place. Keeping oneself from getting scattered is probably just a sentimental desire that could never be achieved in practice!

  3. In your honour and in the honour of wall the Writwrs and Poets, I published an ilustration.

  4. Your writing is so honest Julia. You're wise too ... and obviously adore words. Good to make your acquaintance!
    You mentioned creative writing during your visit to 70 Plus - have you seen my other blog Journeys in Creative Writing? Please let me know what you think ...
    June in Oz


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